The Best Baby Carriers of 2022

If you are looking to buy the best baby carriers 2022 , you are in the right place.

There are many kinds of baby carriers in the market now. But you should choose so that it is best suit to you. So for that you should know that all are not suitable for all babies.

So i have reviewed top 8 best baby carriers for 2022, hope these will help you to find the best baby carriers.Also check the best baby stroller, best baby monitors, best baby swings, baby gifts , baby mattress , Baby Clothes .

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Best Baby Carrier Buy 2022 List

Best Baby CarriersBest ForReviewsBuy Now
  Ergobaby Adapt Baby Baby Carrier 2022  Best OverallReviewCheck On Amazon
  Boba 4G baby Carrier Best Under 100Review Check On Amazon
  Baby K’tan Original Baby Carrier 2022 Best Under 50Review Check On Amazon
  Best Moby Evolution Baby Wrap Carrier Best Carrier 2022Review Check On Amazon
  Best SUNVENO Hip Seat Baby Carrier Hip seat baby carrierReview Check On Amazon

The 8 Best Baby Carriers in 2022-Reviews

1.Ergobaby Adapt –Best Baby Carrier of 2022

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The Ergobaby ADAPT is the easy-to-use baby carrier to carry your baby both ergonomically and comfortably from newborn to toddler, no infant insert needed.

MAXIMUM COMFORT FOR BABY: With its innovative ergonomic seat that gradually adjusts to your growing baby the Ergobaby ADAPT keeps your baby ergonomically seated in multiple carry positions (front- inward, hip and back carry). The carrier ensures your baby is always seated in an “M” shape position with knees even to or above hips, and spine in curved “C” position. The versatile extendable back panel can be folded in providing head support for your young baby or unfolded giving your toddler the additional back support they need

MAXIMUM COMFORT FOR YOU: The lumbar support waistbelt has double adjusters that allow for easy tightening ensuring maximum comfort by providing the support you need to maintain a healthy posture & prevent lower back pain. The carrier’s padded shoulder straps allow for a crisscross option, great for a snug fit or for those who prefer easy buckling on the front

HIGHEST SAFETY STANDARD: At Ergobaby, we take safety seriously. We hold all of our carriers to higher safety standards than those required by our industry

ADJUSTABLE: The ADAPT carrier is designed to fit all parents. It easily adjusts to fit different wearers from petite to larger body types. All parents can share the joy of babywearing

STRONG, DURABLE, LONG LASTING CARRIER: Can be used for multiple years and multiple babies. All baby safe materials. Carrier retains shape after wash for long-lasting use and comfort

BABY HOOD FOR SUN PROTECTION & PRIVACY: Provides tailored support for baby’s head while sleeping, privacy while nursing, and sun protection

EASY TO NURSE IN CARRIER: Adjust shoulder straps for easy nursing on the go

HIP HEALTHY: Acknowledged by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as a hip healthy product

Customer Reviews:

This is awesome! I have been using it with my young infant. He seems to be very comfortable in it. I can easily walk, bend, sit, squat with my baby in it.
I also tried a ring sling and I have used a pouch sling in the past but I strongly prefer this Ergo Adapt with my current baby. This feels secure, I don’t feel the need to constantly adjust the carrier during activities.
I don’t like that this is bulkier than my slings but I am okay with it because this is so comfortable.
Before trying this carrier, I thought that the multiple straps could be complicated but I found that putting on this carrier is actually very simple and quick. With the option of crossing the straps, which is how I have been using it, there is no need to reach over the head to fasten any back clips. I can just throw the strap over my shoulder and grab it at my other side where I fasten it.
I like the material of the carrier, it washed well in the washing machine.Go to Top

Best Baby Carrier Under 200

2.Baby Tula Explore –Best Budget Baby Carrier

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Our versatile, easy-to-use Tula Explore Baby Carrier is our first carrier that allows you to use it in an ergonomic front facing position. This is the best baby carrier option that offers all the features you and baby need: variable width settings for use with newborns to toddlers, adjustable head support, and multiple carry positions including forward-facing* and back carry.Go to Top

Customer Reviews:

My son loved his ergo carrier until he was 4 months old then seemed to hate facing towards me. After, we tried many carriers including the Lillibaby in an attempt to let him face out but he hated them all and they were uncomfortable for my husband and myself. My son is now 25lbs and 17 months old. In a last attempt I purchased this carrier and am in love!! Today we went to a pumpkin patch, petting zoo, out to dinner and the mall. He spent about 6 hours in the carrier and did wonderfully! He faced out until nap time then slept against my chest. I’m able to change the settings from inward-outward facing by myself and was able to flip him inward facing without waking him. My back is not sore and it stayed comfortable the whole day. I love this thing so much! I’m a plus sized mom (size 18) and my husband is thin (size 30 pants) we can easily adjust it between each other, no extender like I needed with the Lillibaby. So great!!! I highly recommend.Read More…

tula baby carrier 6 in 1 positions front forward facing lightweight ergonomic breathable cotton

Best Baby Carrier Under 100

3.Best Baby Carrier 2022-Boba 4G Carrier

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This classic Boba Carrier includes more than a dozen features making this carrier truly one of a kind! Ideal for babies and toddlers alike, the Boba Carrier comes with an integrated infant insert and may be used well into toddlerhood. The carrier can be used from 7-45lbs. Our ergonomic design, and multiple adjustments make this carrier the perfect fit for your entire family.

The Boba Classic 4Gs carrier is the same original design, streamlined for simplicity. Now with a sleek, minimalist waistbelt (without footstrap holders) and playful, upbeat designs!

Complete with thoughtful touches! The Boba purse strap is a simple tab that will keep your purse or diaper bag on your shoulder while you’re toting your little one about.

Additional adjustment straps on either side pull baby closer for quick and easy breastfeeding with mom.

The Boba 4G Carrier was my last hope. I was at my wits end because I could not find a carrier that I liked. I want something ergonomic, won’t cut baby’s circulation and turn his legs blue/purple, easy to use, not too bulky and reasonably priced. I tried 4 different ones (even some of the most expensive carriers) and none of them made me happy. I was about to give up and after a lot of research I came across this carrier and decided to try it. I promised myself that if it will not work for me I would just forget about the whole thing. Well, let me tell you that this carrier has everything I want in a carrier and more.Go to Top

Here are the things I love about the Boba 4G Carrier:

1.) It is ergonomic. I do not have to worry about my son’s circulation in his legs because he is in a perfect M position.

2.) The butt pillow/infant insert gives my 5 month old extra boost so he sits a little higher. It’s comfortable too for my baby boy!

3.) The removable hoodie is an awesome feature. It snaps on and off quickly. Easy peasy!

4.) The straps are tight enough to give you security but they are not terribly hard to pull like the Lillebaby carrier.

5.) The Boba carrier is very easy to use and adjust. Minimal learning curve and adjustment.

6.) The material is durable but not bulky. It’s very comfortable even in summer.

4.Best Lillebaby The Complete Airflow carrier

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LÍLLÉbaby Complete Airflow Baby Carrier

Putting Your Baby’s Safety and Your Comfort First. Safe for baby’s hips and acknowledged as a HIP HEALTHY carrier by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. This baby carrier has adjustable seat and leg openings facilitates proper hip support, frog-leg seating, and curved C-spine position. Adjustable back panel grows with your child and provides support for baby’s neck and head. Endlessly adjustable straps and waist belt for a completely customized fit form petite to tall parents and makes for an exceptionally comfortable child carrier. Straps have dual adjustments and allows for both H-style or X-style. Crafted from soft, durable 3D mesh fabric that allows for maximum ventilation and temperature control for all-weather wearing.Read More…

Customer Reviews:

Reviews:Lets start by saying that my husband and I love love love this baby carrier. We’ve spent a lot of effort and time to find one that’s 1) comfortable for our baby 2) easy to use 3) versatility 4) long term good investment. We brought our 5 month old baby with us to Baby R Us to try out all the carriers in person before ordering one… we were there for 3 hours! This review will only focus on LILLEbaby, BOBA 4G, and ERGO 360…basically our top three contenders. Please note that I didn’t try to breast feed while trying these on so I cannot comment in that aspect.

This top-rated baby carrier includes EVERYTHING:Go to Top

Key Features:

  • Six ways to carry your baby
  • Unique lumbar support
  • Headrest
  • Sleeping hood for support & sun protection
  • Zippered pocket
  • Dual adjustable straps for easier breastfeeding
  • Generous padding and more

Best Baby Carrier Under 50

5.Best Baby K’tan Original Baby Wrap Carrier

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Baby K’tan Original Wrap Baby Carrier

A wrap without the wrapping.

Baby K’tan Original Wrap Baby Carrier – Enjoy frustration-free, hands-free babywearing and keep your baby close with the award winning Baby K’tan Original Baby Carrier. Quick and easy to get in place, this infant holder is a ready-to-wear wrap-style baby carrier with no wrapping required! The baby sling just slips on like a t-shirt – no rings, buckles, belts or annoying clasps, and no confusing excess fabric! Family Favorite – The Baby K’tan Original Baby Carrier has a patented double-loop wrap design and unique one-way stretch, making it a versatile and secure baby sling to carry babies from birth through infants and children up to 35lbs. Our wrap creates the best womb-like position ideal for newborns and preemies, while moms find breastfeeding easy and discreet, and can bond with their baby through skin-to-skin care modestly. Plus, the simple design makes it easy to be on the go in seconds.

With the award-winning Baby K’tan Original Wrap Baby Carrier, you can enjoy hands-free, hassle-free, buckle-free baby wearing anytime, anywhere without the frustration or excess fabric of a traditional wrap. Individually sized for the parent or caregiver (not the baby), the Baby K’tan Original Wrap Carrier slips on like a t-shirt and the double-loop design provides the security you want and the versatility you need to be on the go, hands-free and snuggle your little one close. Birth to 35 lbs.

Customer Reviews:

I originally bought the Breeze and had to return it because the mesh just wasn’t stretchy enough. This one is perfect though! For size reference; I am 5’3″, 120(pre-pregnancy), and 135(post-pregnancy) and a 36c bra pre-pregnancy and now a 36dd, and I ordered the x-small; my baby is 8 weeks at 12 lbs and fits well. It is a little snug (I did wash it), but baby does feel secure and Baby K’tan says it will stretch a bit over time to grow with your baby. I do prefer the all cotton one so much better! Feels softer than the mesh did. So far so good! Baby is cozy! I’ll update if anything changes!!

Key Features:

  • 100% natural cotton, buckle-free
  • Patented double-loop design for security (Patent #9198525)
  • Five different ways to wear baby
  • Available in sizes XXS to XL
  • Light-weight soft cotton fabric
  • Machine washable, dryer safe Go to Top

Best Under 100 /Best 10 List /Best Buying Guide

Best Cheap Baby Carrier

6.Best Moby Evolution Baby Wrap Carrier

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The Moby Wrap encourages parent child bonding with skin to skin contact, providing the perfect snuggle for newborns, infants, and toddlers.

The Moby Wrap distributes baby’s weight across the hips, shoulder, and back, making it comfortable for both baby and parent on the go.

Perfect for newborns, the close Evolution Wrap will help you bond your little one – even when you’re on – the – go. It offers an easy – to – use, hands – free way to evenly distribute baby’s weight across your back and hips, making for a comfortable carry and hassle – free adventures. For children 8-33 pounds

Customer Reviews:

Reviews:Love this wrap! I personally prefer carriers (ergobaby) over wraps just because of convenience. But I love this wrap because it is just beautiful! And also it’s very comfortable to wear baby and keep them nice and snuggled up. The pictures make it look like the wrap isn’t super long (since the model is super skinny and only has it wrapped once and tied in the back. But I’m 5’7” thin/athletic build and have to wrap it around twice and tie in the front. So there’s a lot of material. But all wraps are that way. Just don’t be deceived by the picture!

Key Features:

  • BABY WRAP THAT PROMOTES BONDING: Baby-wearing nurtures a powerful bond that can lead to calm, happy babies, while helping to reduce stress, colic, and even encourage breastfeeding. Allows you to keep baby uniquely close, warm, and secure
  • COMFORTABLE BABY CARRIER WRAP: A parent-favorite for its comfort, style and adaptability, the MOBY Evolution Wrap Baby Carrier is made from soft, stretchable and durable fabric that evenly distributes the weight of carrying baby across the back, shoulders, and hips
  • GROWS WITH BABY: This wrap for baby grows with your little one, supporting babies 8-33 lbs all while you stay hands-free!
  • BABYWEARING MADE SIMPLE: This baby carrying wrap is great for parents on the go-a hands free baby carrying experience Go to Top

Best Baby Carrier Under Budget

7.SUNVENO Hip Seat Baby Carrier

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  • The X-shaped strap is more stable than the H-type strap and is not easy to slip.
  • The X-shaped strap has a larger area of dispersion and is easier to handle.
  • Two shoulder straps With saliva towel to keep it fresh and clean
  • Removable, repeated cleaning, no deformation

Customer Reviews:

Reviews:We bought this to hike with and we have literally used it for everything!!! We have been to baseball games and basketball games, gone hiking, shopped, and all the above with our son since he was 4 months old. He is now 6 months old, 31 inches long and 22 pounds (99th percentile child) and I (5’9-140) can hold him in this for hours without back pain comfortably!! I love the extra pockets but what makes this so great is the seat. He isn’t dangling he is sitting on a seat which gives him so much more support.

Key Features:

  • This baby carrier with hip seat has a large ergonomic hip seat. 30°angel hipseat makes this carrier more comfortable to wear
  • This professional baby hipseat provides optimal protection for your baby and you. The scientific angle of inclination supports the buttocks to prevent the baby from falling down. The outer layer is filled with a breathable sponge that lies close to the abdomen to reduce the shock.
  • The Sunveno hip seat baby carrier is made of high quality cotton material and soft polyester fabric. The 3D mesh in the zippered front pocket keeps your baby cool during the hot season.
  •   This baby carrier is designed as an X-shaped anti-shedding belt. Not easy to slip, easier to carry. Multipurpose bags are also available at the side and at the front for personal items. The windproof nightcap keeps your baby windproof, sun and dust. The removable saliva towel that stays clean and fresh.
  • This baby carrier hip seat has three combinations. Suitable for babies in different stages from 0 to 36 months. Go to Top

8.TushBaby Safety Hip Seat Baby Carrier

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TushBaby is super compact, folds up quickly with one snap closure & weighs less than 1 pound. Perfect for parents on the go. TushBaby is approved by global safety standards and verified through SGS testing, a world-leading certification company. TushBabies are free of harmful chemicals. 

Designed by a mama of 3. TushBaby Co. is an American company located in Alamo, California and run by moms. Your baby deserves the best, don’t be fooled by poor quality imitations. Buy once. Buy quality.

Customer Reviews:

Reviews:My now two year old is getting heavy, and while independent, likes to be held from time to time. As he has gotten bigger, other carriers were too constricting and time consuming to put on, plus he hated them, so I often toted him around on my hip. Tush baby is a HUGE help in that it takes the weight off my hips but still allows me to carry him when he wants. Biggest win: I clipped it on the stroller when we went to disneyland – so in the moments in line when I didn’t have the stroller, he was able to rest and I didn’t use all my energy. Amazing product, would recommend to anyone who regularly carries their baby on their hip!

Key Features:

  • LIGHTWEIGHT & VERSATILE: TushBaby is a soft, ergonomic baby carrier that sits right above your hip. Fits 24-44 inch waist, and weighs less than 1 pound. Just one safe, sturdy buckle to put it on. That’s it.
  • USE FOR YEARS – FOUR CARRYING POSITIONS: Made for newborn up to 3 year old toddlers (8 lbs to 44 lbs), 1) Feeding/breastfeeding, 2) Side carrying, 3) Front facing, and 4) Face to face
  • MULTIPLE STORAGE POCKETS: TushBaby doubles as a diaper bag with large storage pockets. Throw diapers and wipes in the storage beneath the seat. Access your keys, phone, and pacifiers in the side pockets. Store a bottle in the holder. Attach toys & sanitizer to the loops. And fold it right up for easy transport. Leave your stroller, clunky carrier, purse, and diaper bag in the minivan.
  • RELIEVES BACK, SHOULDER STRAIN: TushBaby evenly distributes your baby’s weight so you don’t have to constantly switch sides or strain your back. TushBaby has a plush pad around the abdomen for you, and the supportive, anti slip hip seat is lined with squishy memory foam for your baby’s tush too.
  • BUY QUALITY. BUY ONCE: Our quality and safety standards are unmatched by cheap imitators; Made with high-quality fabric, squishy memory foam and a sturdy buckle; Unlike most cheap copycats TushBaby is approved by global safety standards and verified through SGS & Interteck testing, world-leading certification companies.
  • DOCTOR-APPROVED: Approved by both pediatricians for babies, and chiropractors for adults, the supportive ergonomic seat puts your baby’s hips in the pediatric-recommended “M” position, and reduces painful spine curvature for grown-ups.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: Made with washable, high-quality fabric, and two-way YKK zippers, TushBaby has a plush pad around the abdomen for you, and the supportive, anti slip hip seat is lined with squishy memory foam for your baby’s tush too.
  • USA SAFETY CERTIFIED: BUY QUALITY. BUY ONCE: Our quality and safety standards are unmatched by cheap imitators; Made with high-quality fabric, squishy memory foam and a sturdy buckle; Unlike most cheap copycats, TushBaby is approved by global safety standards and verified through SGS & Interteck testing, world-leading certification companies.Go to Top
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